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United States
Military Specifications


The following is a list of U.S. Government Military Specifications relating to a number of the products listed in this catalog. Since changes in these specifications often occur, we have not listed the year after the number. In substance the MIL number remains the same and when an amendment is printed the year of the amendment changes the date in parenthesis at the end of the number.
  Acacia, Technical(Gum Arabic) JJJ-A-20
  Aluminum Powder(Flake, Grained, Atomized) MIL-A-512A
  Aluminum Powder, Spherical MIL-A-23950A(AS)
  Aminoguanidine Bicarbonate MIL-A-60569
  Aminoguanidine Bicarbonate MIL-A-64869
  Ammonium Dichromate(Photographic) O-A-498a
  Ammonium Nitrate MIL-A-175A
  Ammonium Oxalate WS-5484
  Ammonium Oxalate WS-17055B
  Antimony Sulfide(Pigment) MIL-A-15197A
  Antimony Sulfide MIL-A-159D
  Asphaltum(Gilsonite) MIL-A-356A(os)
  Barium Chlorate NO 50-11-57
  Barium Chromate MIL-B-550A
  Barium Nitrate MIL-B-162D
  Barium Oxalate JAN-B-660
  Barium Peroxide MIL-B-153A
  Barium Sulfate MIL-B-48177
  Barium Stearate JAN-B-366
  Boron, Amorphous Powder MIL-B-51092(ord)
  Boron, Amorphous PA-PD-451
  Calcium Carbonate MIL-C-293B
  Calcium Oxalate JAN-C-628
  Calcium Resinate MIL-C-20470A
  Calcium Silicide MIL-C-324B
  Calcium Stearate JAN-C-263
  Carbon Black MIL-C-306C
  Carbon Technical(Carbon Black) MIL-C-11403B
  Charcoal JAN-C-178A
  Cupric Oxide MIL-C-13600A
  Dextrin MIL-D-003994A(MU)
  Graphite, Dry MIL-G-155A
  Gum Tragacanth MIL-G-96A
  Hexachloroethane MIL-H-235B
  Iron Oxide Black, Technical MIL-I-275B
  Iron Oxide, Ferric Red Dry MIL-I-706A
  Lactose MIL-L-13751B(EA)
  Lead Dioxide MIL-L-376B
  Lead Nitrate MIL-L-20549A
  Lead Thiocyanate MIL-L-65A
  Magnesium Aluminum Alloy JAN-M-454
  Magnesium Carbonate MIL-M-11361B
  Magnesium Oxide MIL-M-51103A
  Magnesium Powder MIL-M-382C(AR)
  Magnesium Stearate MIL-M-542A(MU)
  Manganese Dioxide MIL-M-3281
  Oxalic Acid, Dihydrated O-O690a
  Oxamide MIL-O-60863(MU)
  Oxamide AS-1871
  Oxamide WS-08809A
  Phosphorous, Red Stabilized MIL-P-670A
  Phosphorous, Red, Technical MIL-P-211C
  Pigment, Cuprous Oxide MIL-P-15169B(ships)
  Pigment, Indian Red, Bright Red (Iron Oxide) TT-P-375
  Pigment Lampblack Dry TT-P-350b
  Pigment Red Iron Oxide ASTM-D-3721
  Polyvinyl Chloride MIL-P-20307A(PA)
  Potassium Bicarbonate MIL-P-3173A
  Potassium Chlorate MIL-P-150C
  Potassium Dichromate MIL-P-83770
  Potassium Nitrate MIL-P-156B
  Potassium Perchlorate MIL-P-217A
  Potassium Sulfate MIL-P-193A
  Powders, Metal Atomized MIL-P-14067B
  Red Lead, Dry TT-R-191b
  Salts, Heat Treating MIL-S-10699A(ORD)
  Silicon Powder MIL-S-230B
  Sodium Bicarbonate O-S-576C
  Sodium Hydroxide O-S-598a
  Sodium Nitrate MIL-S-322C
  Sodium Nitrate O-S-634B
  Sodium Nitrite MIL-S-24521(SHIPS)
  Sodium Oxalate JAN-S-210
  Stearic Acid MIL-S-271B
  Strontium Nitrate MIL-S-20322B
  Strontium Oxalate MIL-S-1221OA
  Strontium Peroxide MIL-S-612B
  Sugar JJJ-S-791L
  Sulfur MIL-S-487B
  Titanium, Technical Powder MIL-T-13405D(EA)
  Tungsten Powder MIL-T-13827(ORD)
  Tungsten Powder PA-PD-305G
  Zinc Dust MIL-Z-365A
  Zinc Oxide MIL-Z-291E
  Zirconium MIL-Z-399D
  Zirconium Carbide MIL-Z-85500(AS)
  Zirconium Nickel Alloy MIL-Z-11410B
  Zirconium Hydride MIL-Z-21353(NORD)