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Melamine Compounds

Chemical Formula M.W. Sol.* % D. T.** CAS # Data Sheet
Di-melamine Phosphate C6H15N12PO4 350.18 2.00 ~ 270° C 56974-60-8
Melamine C3H9N6 126.12 0.30 ~ 280° C 108-78-1
Melamine Orthophosphate C3H9N6PO4 224.12 0.70 ~ 300° C 20208-95-1
Melamine Pyrophosphate C6H16N12P2O7 430.23 0.06 ~ 350° C 15541-60-3

*Solubility in water (gram in 100 ml at 20° C)

**Decomposition Temperature

Melamine and melamine phosphates (DMP, MOP & MPP) are in a group of chemicals that are currently being used as non-halogenated flame retardants. Melamine compounds show good flame retardant properties because they use various modes of action. Their modes of actions include, char formation, intumesence, chemical interference, heat sink and heat transfer.

Melamine phosphates are compounds that contain both nitrogen and phosphorous which are beneficial in developing new non-halogenated flame retardants. These compounds show promise in intumescent coatings, polyurethane foams, nylon, paints, paper, and thermoplastic polyurethanes.